Pink Reveals Why Compliments Make Her Cringe

Pink Reveals Why Compliments Make Her Cringe

Pink has some trouble accepting praise.

Fresh off receiving her star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame, the 39-year-old pop star stops by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday and explains why the ceremony earlier this week was a little uncomfortable for her.

“It was overwhelming. I was embarrassed,” Pink says of the ceremony, where Ellen DeGeneres spoke fondly about her. “It’s so much attention and I had to stand up there while you talked about me. It was a lot for me. But it was amazing today. It was amazing.”

“I recognized so many people out there. All from the concerts, all over the years. It’s meaningful. It is meaningful,” she continues. “It’s hard for me. I hate compliments and that’s a huge compliment, and so I was crawling out of my skin. But it was really great… I really don’t like compliments. I don’t accept praise. It’s not how I learn. Positive reinforcement doesn’t work on me.”

When the 61-year-old host suggests that Pink should see someone about her inability to accept praise, she assures DeGeneres, “I have been.”

Despite her lack of comfort, DeGeneres decides to praise Pink even more, telling the “What About Us” singer: “The thing about her, she’s obviously this amazing performer, if you’ve ever seen her in concert she’s the most amazing performer, but, at the same time, she’s the most normal, grounded, amazing person. She can turn it on and be amazing and then just be a regular person.”

DeGeneres said much of the same thing at Pink’s ceremony on Tuesday, where she gushed about her both as a person and a performer.

“The world knows Pink as Pink, but I know — is it Alyssa? Allison? Alecia? — I know Alecia: shy, lazy, quiet, timid, doormat. No one has ever used those words to describe you. Only me,” DeGeneres joked. “… I think, as an artist, Pink has found the perfect balance. Her voice is strong, but not overpowering. Her attitude is rebellious, but not threatening. Her performances are dangerous, but awe-inspiring. And her hair is often overpowering, threatening and dangerous. It’s good hair. I compete with your hair a lot.”

“I’ve gotten to know Pink over the years and I honestly can’t think of anyone more deserving of this honor,” she continued. “Even though she’s a huge international star, she is the most normal, grounded person that you’ll ever meet. She really is. She’s just, like, a regular person, which is very hard to get that balance of how awesome she is and how awesome she is as a person.”

Following the ceremony and her inspiring speech about believing in yourself, Pink spoke to ET’s Keltie Knight about receiving the honor and celebrating it with her family; her mom, Judith Moore, husband, Carey Hart, and their two kids, Willow, 7, and Jameson, 2, were all in attendance.

“To have my whole family here, it’s incredible, it’s such an honor,” she said. “I started looking down the list of the names… Julie Andrews, Lucille Ball. I’m next to The Rock and Jackie Chan. It’s amazing!”

“I’m just grateful. I think it’s all about gratitude,” she added. “It’s just a trip. I’m almost 40, I have two beautiful children and I’ve been doing this for 20 years. It’s just all about gratitude.”

Though she may not accept compliments well, the gravity of the honor really hit the “Raise Your Glass” singer when both her husband and daughter did sweet things for her ahead of the ceremony.

“[Carey] got me flowers yesterday which never happens, so that’s what made today sort of set in… that this is a big deal,” she said. “It was sweet. And my daughter wrote me a note that said, ‘Mama, this is a big deal and I’m glad it’s you and not Justin Beaver.'”


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February 6th, 2019

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